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March passes and we whiff on yet another cookbook.

Someday we will make this work. The idea is to choose a cookbook on the first of the month and make ten things from that book by the end of the month. The broken spines of unfinished cookbooks litter the … Continue reading

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Traffic, but not the cool one with Little Stevie Winwood

Because I spent an unexpected hour on a five mile stretch of highway, this week’s Lenten Friday recipe is running a wee bit late. All I can say, dear reader, is that I am sorry for disrupting your regular routine … Continue reading

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Recipe: Staff Meals and Chickpea and Summer Sausage Pizza

For two and a half of my three years spent living in Savannah, I was lucky enough to work at Elizabeth on 37th. Most people of Savannah suffer from a rap star’s sense of self importance when it comes to … Continue reading

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Some Things of Interest: Road Trip Edition

A recent road trip to Louisiana took us down 20/59 through Mississippi, “The Land of the Seemingly Sick Pine Trees.” The medians are littered with them; tall and wind beaten, all but the topmost branches snapped or stripped. It’s eerie. … Continue reading

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From The Cookbook #5: Pan Bagna with Tuna, page 70

Sometimes the chef has to step out of the way and let the ingredients speak for themselves. When building a pan bagna, a traditional sandwich from Provencal, the ingredients must be given room to sing. Hard boiled egg, leeks, tomato, … Continue reading

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Lenten Friday Recipe Early Edition: Parmesan Fish Filet with Spicy Tabouli

I am not trying to reinvent any wheels here, but if you haven’t tried this before, it’s been around a long time for a reason. Take almost any white fish filet (I suspect that pompano and other strong fish would … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Joneseses – probably part 1

This post was born a nudge. It got me to the fridge, made me poke about a bit, and, having taken inventory, forced me to concoct something from what was available. It wanted to be a revelation. It wanted the … Continue reading

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A post in which I use poor language and maintain that I seldom do.

Why did I spend so much time working at a restaurant? You shut yourself off from the normal world, working while others play and playing while others work. The ersatz world you inhabit is degenerate. The normal rules for business … Continue reading

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A Cup of Brown Joy by Professor Elemental

Usually that means whiskey, but not in this case. “I say herbal/you say ‘No thanks!’”

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Lenten Friday Recipe: Fish & Chips with (From the Cookbook #4:) Homemade Ketchup a la Provencal (page 211)

Multiple birds need fear my stone after this Lenten Friday/Cookbook entry. There are few things more pleasing than fried fish. Doctors promote fish as a source of protein. It has omega 3 fatty acids that strengthen the heart and lift … Continue reading

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