Shame and Scorn Vol. 2

The aggrieved party.

We have failed spectacularly with this months cookbook. At the beginning of the month, we select a book and pledge to make ten of the recipes by months end. This month, despite twelve hundred pages with over two thousand recipes to choose from we managed to complete exactly two recipes. Excuses for a short month fall mutely, mootly to the wayside. Two! And it’s not like we didn’t cook.

“Ben,” you say, “you published several recipes this month so it’s not like you weren’t in the kitchen. There are two thousand recipes in The Silver Spoon. Couldn’t you have at least checked the book to see if there was anything resembling what you cooked and just made it their way?”

Of course I could have.

“Did you?”

No. This is not my proudest moment, especially considering that we fell short last month. Tomorrow is a new month and we will soldier on, pretend nothing wrong transpired, and select a new cookbook. We will write that there are rules regarding the number of recipes cooked in a month and keep a straight face. For now, I shoulder your shame and scorn and accept the horrors of punishment. Morning is coming. Let us never speak of this again.

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