Some Things of Intrest

So my log in issue has seemingly repaired itself leaving me no answers, no channel to vent, no individual on which to pin blame, and no customer service representative to transfer me to their supervisor.
“Just shrug it off man.”
Thanks kid. I think I will.

Speaking of kids that have earned our attention, seven year old Maxwell Hinton from Fresno, California, a cancer sufferer, was given the chance to fulfill a dream by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Did he ask to meet his favorite athlete? Did he go backstage at a Justin Beiber concert? Hell no. He did us proud. Here’s to a rapid and full recovery.

Dr. Dipak K. Das, director of the cardiovascular research center at the University of Connecticut, has long been a fan of red wine. So enchanted was he that his love affair with the vine may have interfered with his research into the health benefits of reservatrol, a chemical found in red wine and suspected to impede the aging process. The university has informed various scientific journals that on at least 145 occasions, the good doctor manipulated data. Before you swap your merlot for carrot juice or some other ghastly “healthy” beverage, other researchers have had some evidence that reservatrol is beneficial to the body and caution that Dr. Das’ research was limited to the effects on the heart. So the idea that red wine is good for you holds onto a slight kernel of truthiness. Huzza!

Legolas is real. Watch the whole thing to get both angles.

And finally, it’s not quite Hugh Johnson’s World Atlas of Wine, but this Wine Spectator page is pretty handy.

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