Tasting: Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 2007, Alexander Valley

The first time I ever tasted the vegetative flaw that is associated with bad vintages from the Alexander Valley, it was a Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. I forget which vintage but whatever you do, don’t drink that one. Drink this one. Flaw free. I can’t seem to find anything on these internets that tells me why there is occasionally a background of asparagus in wines from this region and today being the internet blackout in protest of SOPA, Wikipedia is shut down, so no dubious information derived from copied and pasted, out of context bits of information making up a plagiarized Frankenstein. Certainly the Alexander Valley doesn’t have a monopoly on this flaw, but it does seem to pop up there more than anywhere else in my experience.

The winemaker calls this a “seemless wine.” I can give him that. There are no bumps or shocks. It starts of with blackberry, maybe a little blueberry like a merlot. The middle is remarkable smooth and the finish is soft, with a little vanilla and maybe cedar. There’s a bit of pepper too. The whole of the wine is rather light for a California cabernet sauvignon with relatively bright fruit. As such it’s a good food wine; not whimpy, but not overwhelming. We had it with rosemary and garlic pork chops grilled on the great and glorious Big Green Egg. I think you should have it with rosemary and garlic pork chops grilled on the great and glorious Big Green Egg because it worked really well. I’ve had it with a New York Strip in the past and it held it’s ground. I suspect that it would be best with lamb, but so many things are best with lamb.

Jordan is moderately priced, coming in at $40.00ish and is a pretty good value. Just read about the vintage before buying so you don’t get salad in your wine.

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