Remember, Remember The Fifth of November

(Traditional English Rhyme – 17th Century)

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Defense and kickers and rot.
Unlike Neal Vickers, defense and kickers
Should never be forgot.

Les Miles, Les Miles, ‘twas his intent
To drown the Tide in poll decent.
Five star players all over the field,
Offensive schemes produced no yield.
Some ref’s providence confirms Reid’s catch
Though replay shows the ref’s a wretch.
Holloa boys, holloa boys.
Roll Tide! Roll Tide!
Twas not our day!
But now: Replay!

A blade of grass to feed The Hat.
A draw play. That should choke him.
Trent Richardson to make first down,
A pulling guard to spurn him.
Burn him with a crossing route.
Burn him with our wee wide out.
Burn him with an inside blitz,
That will make The Hat have fits.
Hey Tigers!
Hey Tigers…

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