Tasting: Artes del Sur Sauvignon Blanc, 20doesn’tmatter

I was at a tasting with one of my former wine suppliers, trying some higher end reds, if memory serves. After the tasting, the wine rep. mentioned that she did have a couple of other bottles but that they were more bulk wine, grocery store stuff that wouldn’t really fit the restaurant. We were welcome to try it if we liked, though. So, qualifiers out of the way we poured our tastes and, it was not bad. In fact, this Sauvignon blanc from Mendoza was so astonishingly not bad that we tried it again. There are a few decent bulk wines out there, but the term “decent” is used relative to the competition. Most grocery store magnum only wines are just repelant. So when I say “not bad” in reference to to this jug I mean not only okay to drink but also “Surprise! I’m not spitting this out.”

The best part is the price: $9.99. That’s for a magnum. That’s $5.00 per 750ml. “Will it go well with my lemon-pepper chicken?” you ask. “Will it complement grilled trout?” “Does it pair well with oysters?” Piss off. It costs $5.00. It won’t complement anything. It’s too fruity up front and a bit flabby on the finish, but I can say that about far too many $15-$20 sauvignon blancs (I’m looking at you Duckhorn). But while it won’t complement anything, it won’t ruin anything that you would normally pair with the varietal.

There is also a not bad malbec from the same producers at the same price. I’m a bit particular about malbec so I’ll say it’s not as not bad as the white, but at the same price it’s still a great value. We try to keep some around the house for casual sipping and it has yet to disappoint.

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