Some Things of Interest

In preperation for Monday’s second Game of the Century of this season, I invite you to read an entry from the archives of Track ‘Em Tigers, an Auburn blog, which shows that, in at least one instance, Auburn fans are good for something. In this instance, it is posing the important question, “Why do LSU fans smell like corn dogs?”

No matter how tight the wine, please, please never do this.

When I heard the news of Christopher Hitchens’ passing I immediately thought of Christopher Buckley’s “about the author” in the dust jacket of one of his more recent books. I can’t seem to find the book at the moment, such is the state of my shelves or lack thereof, so I will paraphrase. The entry begins with the standard “is author of the New York Times Best sellers…” and lists his many hits before finishing, “but the author is most proud of the fact that he recently had a twelve hour lunch with Christopher Hitchens.” Hitchens was a brilliant and provocative writer with whom I delighted in disagreeing. He was among the best of his chosen profession. But a twelve hour lunch. That is to be marvelled at. Some Hitchens on restaurant etiquette. RIP.

It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas.

I finally found a way to explain to people that a “cat pee” smell from a Southern Hemisphere sauvignon blanc can be pleasant. But mold, I just wiped it away and said nothing. I see no reason to bring it up, but if you are braver than I am, feel free to tell your guests about the wonderful mold on the cork.

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