Tasting: Marc Hebrart Premier Cru a Mareuil-sur-Ay, New Year’s Eve

This wine is a victim of its own charms. Up front, it’s marvelously crisp. The finish is deliciously toasty. In between it’s just very good. I hate to be such a picky bastard. This is an amazingly good wine, but the highs are to high for the (relative) lows. It comes accross as unbalanced. That’s enough from critical me. Non-critical me says “Wheeeeeee, Champagne! Wheeeeee!”

Though this particlular wine is not a Special Club selection, this winery is part of the Michael Skurnick Special Club. No matter how poorly chosen a name for a club that might be, it is quite a distinction. I give it a thumbs up. That said, this was a gift and I feel honor bound not to look for a price so I have no idea if it’s a value or not. I also have to confess a weakness for the wines of Mureuil-sur-Ay for purely sentimental reasons. It was what we toasted our engagement with. I don’t think this post was helpful at all, but here it is. Try this wine.

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