Thanks for joining us in the war on…um, hold on.

This fine sign popped up a few weeks ago along I-65 near UAB. I’m really not sure if the “money people” are being called to donate in the fight against cold relief, if the are being asked to stop funding it, or if someone is pointing out a marvelous chance to get in on the ground floor of an investment opportunity. Maybe it about Mizzouri joining the SEC? According to the good people at Lamar Outdoor Advertising, who own the signs, no real explanation was given by the doctor (!) who paid for the ad. They did say that he asked for them to be taken down recently.

“I can do all this through him that gives me strength.”

But the psuedoephedrine fights the effects of illnesses that sap strength. Yes, pseudoephedrine can be chemically altered through a dangerous and dramatic process into a deadly, addictive, personality altering assault on teeth, but it’s not meth all by itself. It has to be manipulated. This is like blaming hydrogen for Hiroshima. The horrors detailed Montana Meth Project are real and scary, but they don’t happen because “money people” are funding the cure for the sniffles (am I wrong for laughing at this?.) They happen because people take a number of ingredients and combine them to make them something they were not before.

Let me play using some of the other ingredients.

Hey Chefs
Salt = Meth
Genesis 19:26

Hey HVAC People
Freon = Meth
Job 24:7

Hey Algae
Phosphorous = Meth
Psalm 148:7

/slams head on table
/slams head on table

P.S. I am off to Highland’s Bar and Grill for dinner tonight and expect that we will drink some R&B Cellars Cab. I’ll get that review up asap because this blog that was supposed to be about food and wine with occasional forays into subjects that interest/irritate me is currently 50% meth. I don’t know. It just happened. All the other kids were doing it.

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